Friday, November 17, 2006

9/11 TV-Fakery Whistleblower: Pinocchio Exposes Nose-Out Fairy Tale – Part II: The Cover-Up

Part I Highlights

Before we move on to the cover-up, let’s quickly go over a couple of the findings in Part I that are critical factors to take into account when analyzing any one of the many “2nd hit videos,” such as those found at Killtown’s page.

When analyzing any “live” video that was aired on 9/11/01, you must take into consideration that the inserted CGI moves relative to the frame boundaries rather than the objects captured within the frame. This fact alone proves that the object is neither real nor a hologram, since the motion of both of these “entities” would be relative to the objects captured within the frame.

In the Friedlgate footage, this object moves and behaves exactly as a live CGI insertion would, when we consider that the frame boundaries have shifted relative to the towers. This “behavior” includes characteristics such as “velocity” and “descent rate” in addition to the observed “nose-out” phenomenon.

We may also be able to observe this same correlation in later “photoshopped” videos as well (depending on the video editor’s attention-to-detail regarding his/her perceived stability of the footage). Rather than go into detail here about how this correlation can be performed, I will include a sample methodology in the Reference section for any interested video analysts.

One final note that cannot be overemphasized was made in Part I. The fact that there is no hole in the exit face that would accommodate an object of this size proves that the object cannot be real.

According to someone calling himself heiho1, who commented after reading Part I of this article, this is an incorrect statement. His basis for declaring that? That he and the crew had already reached the conclusion "...that it was most likely a pyrophoric material like uranium or similarly active heavy metals,..." which “…could easily, upon exposure to oxygen in the air, burn through steel and concrete.”

Of course, for that to be true, there would have to be missing sections of steel and/or concrete – which there are most certainly neither in any photo or video.

For the record, I also just noticed (between writing Part I and Part II) and therefore must give due credit to Killtown for pointing this out at 911blogger well over TWO MONTHS AGO (09/06/06).

Expounding on what Killtown concluded: Due to there being no hole in WTC2 to account for any protrusion that size, the object we clearly observe in all these videos (“live” or otherwise) is clearly not a solid material of any kind.

Unless someone is desperate enough to start claiming it was a liquid or a gas that flowed around the still-intact steel beams and then formed itself into the approximate size and shape of a plane, we can pretty much rule out anything real altogether.

Introduction – Example of Learning from Mistakes

Upon further analysis, I actually centered my circle in the wrong place when I attempted to point out where the WTC2 “exit-hole” would have been had this “nose-out” actually been anything real. In the revised graphic below, the corrected circle is shown in green (original is in red):

This correction is based on the observable “nose-out” elevation in many videos (many later examples), along with the picture below, which can be found on page 10 of this NIST document.

Analysis - Necessity is The Mother of All Invention

In realizing my original error, the discovery of this new graphic allowed me to visualize the intent of the desired pattern much more clearly.

During my frame-by-frame analysis of all footage filmed from the north, I noticed that without exception, there are two separate “exit-face” explosions that merge to form one huge fireball. Until I saw this picture (and many others in NIST’s various reports), it never dawned on me that based on their spacing and their independent elevations, these explosions were obviously supposed to represent the separate fuel tanks spewing flaming kerosene forward due to its (would-be) momentum.

Here is where the perps showed their ability to improvise:

Because of the most obvious FOX-aired “nose-out” phenomenon, they were forced to copy this blunder into all the other “amateur” footage which would surely have shown it even more clearly than the “Chopper 5” footage did.

To accomplish this, they had to abandon the independent fuel tank explosion explanation for the separate fireballs and use what would have represented the starboard-side explosion as cover for the “nose-out.” Of course, this subsequently placed the port-side explosion out of position. This was only a minor anomaly compared to having to explain how an entire third of the still-intact plane emerged from the backside of WTC2 in that FOX-aired blooper.

Unfortunately for them, they had already dug their own graves. Although this solution bought them some time (about 5 years so far), they had to know that the fact that there was no hole in “exit-face” from which the “nosecone” could have “emerged” was going to be their ultimate undoing. There was no way for them to run up there and create the unplanned hole they now needed to exist, but even if there was, it wasn’t like they could “unbroadcast” the already-aired footage of the fully-intact steel beams.

At this point, they were forced to choose between hoping that nobody figured out this obvious “smoking gun” and providing no amateur footage from the north side at all. If not one person would have captured the “nose-out” on film, that would have rivaled the sheer lunacy of finding Satam Al Suqami’s unscathed passport in the street.

This really wasn’t too hard of a decision for them, for a couple of reasons:

1.) They had already aired “live” footage from the north that shows no sign of the “nose-out.”

2.) The “nose-out” phenomenon was obvious enough that it could be seen even at full-speed. Even if that weren’t the case, it would have undoubtedly been recorded and eventually released on the internet, immediately exposing the amateur videos as containing CGI planes.

And so in essence, the "fitting" logic behind that decision was the exact same logic that they used when they first decided they could get away with this crime in the first place:

Proving that something exists is far easier than having to prove that it doesn’t exist. “Seeing is believing” - no matter that it defies the Laws of Physics. Such is the power of the mighty media.

In this case, it was a far less daunting task to reinforce the physical impossibility that people had seen on television than to convince people that they didn’t see it at all.

As convoluted as that way of thinking may seem, it had to be the ultimate logic behind adding the “nose-out” into the amateur footage.

Analysis - Execution

As far as the execution of that impromptu plan goes, it would have been relatively simple. The matter of adding believable shadows and trying to match the rest of the “nose-out” characteristics would have complicated matters somewhat, but keep in mind that they already had video editors furiously working to add the CGI into every frame of every video anyway. I’m sure all this new “wrinkle” did was delay the release of these amateur videos by a couple of hours or so. To help speed up the process, they could have easily reassigned one or more video editors to work on just the nose-out frames.

So long as the editing time didn’t exceed by too great a factor the amount of time that a “somewhat in-shock” general public would expect to be “reasonable” for an anxious photographer to submit his/her footage of the event to a major network.

As I look back at it now, anything longer than a couple of hours or so seems unreasonable to me, since both parties should have been anxious to find each other, for reasons that almost seem too obvious to mention: instant fame for the photographer and “first scoop” ratings for the networks.


The cover-up of the FOX blooper ends up being much easier to prove than the actual FOX blooper itself. The proof ended up being so simple and so compelling that I felt I needed to publish it immediately.

I am stunned, quite frankly, at the luke-warm reaction to Killtown's original revelation of this concept at 911blogger. One anonymous coward actually replied: "Hate to say it...but that photo looks like a fake to me." I've already linked to one NIST document containing a photo showing no missing steel beams; but just in case, here is another one (see page 89).

Perhaps when accompanied by this analysis, which shows the motive behind adding the "nose-out" into every possible video angle, this easy-to-interpret physical impossibility will help everyone to see that this is irrefutable proof of how TV-Fakery led to video editing.

To clarify, what this ONE PICTURE proves beyond a shadow of a doubt is that EVERY SINGLE VIDEO showing the “nose-out” phenomenon contains a CGI plane.

When combined with the analysis I've presented both here and in Part I of this article, it also proves (by association to the motive) that the "plane" depicted in the FOX-aired "Chopper 5" footage was also a "live" CGI insertion.

By virtue of that proof, it can be promulgated that all other "live" footage from that day must also have contained "live" CGI insertions rather than real planes. This is because any real plane would have been captured by the camera affixed to Chopper 5.

Note: In Part I of this article, I attempted to use the term "osmosis" to explain the concept of a solid "passing through" another solid. Osmosis is actually a term used to define the passage of water through a membrane. Of course, there is no term in existence to describe the concept a solid passing through another solid - simply because it's a physical impossibility. And so in Part II, I have invented the term "Osnosis" to define this fictional event.


The original purpose of Part II was to further prove that what “exited” WTC2 was not any real object, by demonstrating that subsequent video releases showing the “nose-out” phenomenon do not correlate with the “live” footage. Furthermore, I planned on providing numerous examples of “live” footage which did not show the “nose-out” phenomenon at all.

Because what I have written thus far essentially renders my originally-planned approach into an exercise in redundancy, I will include the remainder of what was to be Part II as Reference material, to be updated and formatted "on the fly" until completion.

All that really remains is to go through every single video, documenting the specific proof behind the CGI insertion in each one.


Analysis - (from the department of redundancy department)

There is no other “live” footage that clearly shows the “nose-out” phenomenon. The closest we come to seeing this occurrence from a different angle is over at ABC. ABC’s nose-out is partially hidden behind their “bottom third” graphic.

When replaying ABC’s footage, CNN has to add an extension to their “bottom third” graphic to cover up the same part of the image.

When looking at the following clips (from which the screenshots were excerpted), you will notice the same “Chopper Drift” problem that occurred with the Friedlgate footage. Notice the towers drifting to the right within the frame boundaries just before the “impact,” and then back to the left after it.

This would have served as a convenient reinforcement of the “nose-out” that FOX offered us, except for one rather large problem…

Due to the CGI travel path, this camera angle would have shown the “nose-out” coming out of WTC2 somewhat sideways.

With the exception of these two “live” feeds, all other footage that was broadcast on 9/11/01 show no sign of the “nose-out” phenomenon whatsoever.

Analysis - “Live” Frames

Before I present these screenshots and videos I want to offer great thanks to Killtown, Webfairy, goatpussy, domscd, and others who have taken the time to make these videos available for all of us to analyze. Were it not for their efforts, we would be years behind where we find ourselves today.

The format here is simple. I have provided my usual screenshot notes for each video sequence. To see the source of the screenshot, click anywhere on the graphic for the link.

Live Frames & Notes To Be Added

Analysis - Edited "Amateur" Video

Bonus Note:

Let’s see what trigonometry has to say about this shadow.

In the frame 82 screenshot (above left), WTC2 is 48 pixels wide (black line). The nose-out protrudes out of WTC2 by 7 pixels (red line). Since the actual width of WTC2 is known to be 208 ft, we can apply a quick ratio to determine that the distance of protrusion = 30.33 ft (7 X 208 / 48).

I believe it is widely accepted fact that the sun was shining at a 13 degree angle to this face. Here’s a quickie graphic:

I’ll be generous and say that the minimum distance from the “nose-out” to the far side of the exit face is 190ft (that’s 8ft for the “fuselage” radius plus and additional 10ft from that point the closer corner).

For the shadow to stretch across the entire tower using these assumptions, the angle of the sun would have to be 9.2 degrees. Oops, there I go using the “expert” scientific approach (start with what we “saw,” then move the sun, moon and stars until it works out).

Since the 13 degrees is a given, and the protrusion distance can be measured, we can solve for the correct shadow length (s):

30.33 / s = tan 13°
s = 30.33 / tan13°
s = 131.37

Therefore, the correct length of the shadow for a 30.33ft protrusion should be 131.37ft.

If we wanted to determine how far the “nose-out” should have protruded before its shadow spanned the entire width of the face, all we would have to do is set s = 190 and calculate the appropriate protrusion (p) as follows:

p / 190 = tan13°
p = 190 tan13°
p = 43.86

Therefore, in order for the shadow of the “nose-out” to span 190ft, it would have to protrude 43.86ft from the “exit face.”

In pixels, this works out to 10.12 (48 x 43.86 / 208). Let’s just call it an even 10 pixels. That’s 3 pixels (13.53ft – green line) more than it is shown as protruding in frame 82. The "nose-out" doesn't protrude that far until frame 84 (two frames later).

Of course, since it’s already been proven that this was an inserted CGI, proving that its shadow was incorrectly edited into the footage is somewhat redundant.

More Analysis forthcoming.


Unknown said...

One guy's opinion:

I think you are missing one of the huge possibilities. I'm willing to be told go jump in the lake.....

What if there was a flying object that hit each building AND, that object was obscured by the CGI?

StillDiggin said...

The mere fact that I chose to investigate TV-Fakery in the first place should give everyone an idea of my general open-mindedness.

However, there is a problem with your argument. As I pointed out in Part I, "live" CGI insertions require a constant-colored background in order to be seen.

That means that in this case, the only thing it is capable of "covering" is sky-colored objects.

As I also point out in Part I, a live CGI insertion moves in relation to the frame boundaries of the digital image upon which it is superimposed, not in relation to objects within the frame.

So unless you want to start claiming that ALL of these CGI's were able to be cued to cover up something that would have essentially been invisible, you now have my permission to "go jump in the lake."

Unknown said...

I appreciate you taking the time to address my question.

I have two quarrels:

1) I think possibly the object was what people saw, and was not invisible to the camera. I'm not for a minute suggesting the object was a commercial aircraft as claimed by the govt. story.

2) I don't think that the "football 1st down line" is the only insertion technology that could have been used.

Unknown said...

Let me take a different tack.

Do you think that an object that looked and sounded like a plane could have flown by and gone into "invisible" mode.

I know this sounds kooky. I'm just trying to find a way to reconcile the idea of tampered video (which I agree the evidence points toward) with witnesses who report hearing the sound (or were distracted by the sound to look up), or people who thought they saw a plane, with the conclusions your TV-Fakery evidence points toward.

The evidence that the Naudet Bros. video was planned to "catch" the first hit of 9/11, is a case I strongly believe in.

The Naudet 1st hit video shows what Webfairy has labeled the flying pig as a plane.

For my part, I'd like a unified theory of TV Fakery. I'm saying this, of course, in a somewhat touch-in-cheek manner.

I realize that the 1st hit wasn't shown live on TV (except for George W according to his statements), so the "live insertion" tech wasn't needed. Possibly I'm going in a direction that doesn't need be pursued.

StillDiggin said...

Why are you trying to bargain for a watered-down version of the truth?

Trying to link the two attacks on the towers is a flawed approach.

They are completely separate events, and must be treated as such, regardless of their proximity to each other.

TV-Fakery, to the best of my knowledge, is a term coined by Nico Haupt.

TV-Fakery specifically refers to the CGI imagery that was inserted into the "live" footage of WTC2.

TV-Fakery does not cover:

1.) The WTC1 attack
2.) Video editing of "amateur" footage
3.) Later video editing of original "live" footage

I will be dealing with the "eyewitness" testimony shortly.

In the meantime, sticking with the common "body of water" theme in my very kind dismissal of your bargaining attempts thus far, please "go find another pond to fish in."

Unknown said...

Here's another alleged eye witness to deal with:

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Diane Sawyer flyby plane. I think there were certainly aircraft around for people to see even if none of them flew into the towers.

StillDiggin said...

Just a preview for anyone who decides to watch the video that bg posted:

At 6:15 of that video, a supposed ground controller (no name provided) at an airport (no name provided) says he saw a plane bank and hit WTC2.

The rest of the 8 minutes and 48 seconds is even more useless than that.

I wasted my time watching it - others shouldn't have to.

bg, you seem to be lost at sea... up the creek without a paddle, and obviously incapable of getting the facts strait. Cry me a river if you must - I really don't give a dam.

If you continue posting this crap, I'm going to have to start deleting it.

Anonymous said...

After seeing the recent update, I have amended my earlier analysis. My focus of 9/11 research has been very more in a different direction altogether. Thanks much for sticking to your guns.

Below was posted to the same mailing list:
I'm glad to say that StillDiggin has refuted my refutation.

One final note that cannot be overemphasized was made in Part I. The fact that there is no hole in the exit face that would accommodate an object of this size proves that the object cannot be real.

According to someone calling himself heiho1, who commented after reading Part I of this article, this is an incorrect statement. His basis for declaring that? That he and the crew had already reached the conclusion "...that it was most likely a pyrophoric material like uranium or similarly active heavy metals,..." which “…could easily, upon exposure to oxygen in the air, burn through steel and concrete.”

Of course, for that to be true, there would have to be missing sections of steel and/or concrete – which there are most certainly neither in any photo or video.

I am, of course, that "someone calling himself heiho1" as "heiho1" is an identity I have used online since first creating a account back when hotwired was cool.

In particular, StillDigging points to the image on page 89 of NIST chapter 9 final report:

Since this image shows WTC 2 and it *clearly* looks nothing like the "entry" hole, it must be the "exit" hole and yet the physical "exit" hole is noticeably missing the hole which would have accompanied the infamous "depleted uranium dildo exiting the building".

This, then, does strongly bolster StillDiggin's contention that the image has been modified.

Well over a year ago, when the "pod" theory was all the rage, I was asked about the visual anomalies surrounding the pod, the entry impact with three points and the "nosecone" exiting the building. At the time I said there were two possibilities:

1) The plane was modified.
2) The video was modified.

Based on this analysis, the video being modified has gained more credibility in my eyes.

Readers of this list are aware that my main current interest are the participants in the illegal removal of WTC evidence and how criminal prosecutions of such participants may be engineered. For this reason, I have remained somewhat agnostic on the topic of modified video feeds because it implies a greater deal of participation on the part of the mainstream media and thus widens the pools of suspects and the degree of complexity. It is not an area which I find "impossible" or "absurd" but simply an area which must be approached with a strong standard of evidence. Certainly using the NIST reports as the prima facie evidence for modified video is the right way to go about establish such proofs.

StillDiggin's analysis deserves critical appraisal and I thank him for taking the time to look into something which I have not myself examined.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for the absurd "English" above...typing from work :P

Anonymous said...

Check out my post on 911 blogger too and Alex Floum's reaction

Anonymous said...

Your analysis of the shadow is flawed, in my opinion. In the left-hand video clip you measure the emerging "nose-cone" as being seven pixels in length yet the object can be clearly seen to extend several pixels further, (albeit in a lighter colour than the rest of the cone). You can clearly see a "wobble" in the line of the far edge of the tower where the object crosses it way beyond your seven pixel mark. This would make the shadow length correct.

StillDiggin said...


So... let me get this straight.

You're ignoring the impossibility of an object passing through steel and you're questioning my shadow analysis?

You must be the guy who edited that video - because with all the proof I've amassed to date, he's probably the only one who cares that he fucked up a shadow.

Anonymous said...

It's me again.

Why are you so aggressive? I haven't ignored anything. You seem to assume that I have dismissed your analysis. Why do you assume that?

In fact I read your analysis with interest. (Though your reaction to my simple question makes me wonder about your judgement...)

All I did was point out an apparent flaw in your shadow analysis.

Would you like to answer my constructive point or would you prefer to mud-sling?

Your site is called 911logic... It is not logical to attack someone for asking a simple question about part of your analysis.

Anonymous said...

Why are you spreading such disinformation with this blog? What is so hard to understand about the fact that the conspirators PURPOSEFULLY DOCTORED SOME VIDEOS TO LEAD INVESTIGATORS SUCH AS YOURSELF ON A WILD GOOSE CHASE. How about concentrating on real evidence like the fact that there was at least one steel column found severed diagonally? The REAL FLIGHT 175 HIT THE WTC SOUTH TOWER. If fodder like this was presented as an official investigation, you'd just get laughed at. You're wasting your time.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I get to your articles only today, and I noticed that many external links are missing, like the NIST pictures and videos that were benned from Youtube...I recently watched the September Clues documentary that presents a great study on the flaws in 9/11 broadcast forgery and like this, your work is really superb...thank you.

teh anon said...

Killtown hangs around with "ozzybinoswald" whose real name is Neil Edward Thomson, a kiddie porno collector who resides in Canada. You would be wise to take Killtown's crap off your site unless you like associating yourself with pedophiles and internet stalkers.

Anonymous said...

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I think you are missing one of the huge possibilities. I'm willing to be told go jump in the lake.....

What if there was a flying object that hit each building AND, that object was obscured by the CGI?

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